Research News/EN

A new resource and platform for the exchange of experience for the development of multilingual competence of students has been created

The NUGSE team has completed the research project "Development of multilingual competence of students in research programs of postgraduate education with EMI" (EMI - English as Medium Instruction - English as the language of instruction). The aim of the research was to study how students of multilingual programs develop their academic writing skills. The research results showed the problems that universities and students face when studying in English, which is not their first language, and served as an idea for creating a special website as a useful resource for students, teachers, university administrators, as well as a platform for sharing experiences.
 University administrators will find here useful information on the selection of students for multilingual programs, what adjustments to make to the curriculum to ensure academic knowledge in three languages, how best to prepare employees for teaching in multilingual programs. Students will benefit from information on how to transfer their academic skills from one language to another, and teachers will be able to take information that will help guide classes. 

In the research team: associate professors Bridget Goodman, Sulushash Kerimkulova, research associates on the project Assel Kambatyrova, Andrey Shcherbakov, Kamila Aitzhanova, Dastan Kapashev.