The Transforming Academic and Student Issues module for university leaders taught at NUGSE →

On June 15th-17th in Astana, as part of this program specifically designed for university leaders, Nazarbayev University is hosting participants on its campus, for the module focused on "Transforming Academic and Student Issues."

The main objective of this module is to provide a platform for generation of ideas through knowledge and experiences exchange, sharing of the best practices, and discussion of relevant key issues in higher education, with the participation of international and local experts and leaders in education. Rectors, vice-rectors, deans, and department directors from various universities will have an opportunity to discuss in diverse groups the challenges they face in academic and student activities, and think about the strategies and possible solutions - collectively through the group work and individually through self-reflection.

The program includes key topics related to academic and student activities, such as transformation of the learning environment for better student learning, developing research culture and capacity for students, supporting student well-being, ethics and integrity in academic activities, assuring and enhancing the quality of academic programs, as well as other key topics.