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Student Profiles

Saule Abeldinova

Saule AbeldinovaThesis topic: “Trust and Transparency in Accountability Relationships in Higher Education System: the case of Data Warehouse Project in Kazakhstan”.

Renata Apergenova

Renata ApergenovaThesis topic: The Role of Faculty in Kazakhstani Higher Education Institutions in the Time of Autonomy Reforms

Lyazat Gapbassova

Thesis topic Mentors' and Student Teachers' Perceptions of Mentoring and Reflective Practices in Mentoring

Zhanna Jumabayeva

Zhanna JumabayevaThesis topic: University Faculty’s Teaching Approaches in the Context of Higher Education Reforms in Kazakhstan

Laura Karabassova

Laura KarabassovaThesis topic: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Kazakhstan: Case Studies of Teachers at a Nazarbayev Intellectual School (NIS)

Zauresh Kazybayeva

Zauresh KazybayevaThesis topic: Changing teaching practice in the design studio: an action research study of teacher’s and students’ experiences

Marcelo Jorge López Lara

Marcelo Jorge López LaraThesis topic: The complexity of ungraded schools in rural Kazakhstan: Teachers’ understandings about how the curriculum can be best delivered to mixed-age groups”

Merey Mussabayeva

Merey MussabayevaThesis topic: The role of the faculty members in the university governance.

Dinara Mukhamejanova

Dinara MukhamejanovaThesis topic: Experiences of international students while studying in Kazakhstan understood from a non-adaptation conceptual framework

Aray Saniyazova

Aray SaniyazovaThesis Topic: Student perceptions of their first-year university experience: case study of Nazarbayev University

Aizhan Temerbayeva

Aizhan TemerbayevaThesis topic: Doctoral Students’ Socialization Experiences in Kazakhstani Regional Universities

Madina Tynybayeva

Madina TynybayevaThesis Topic: A Grounded Theory Approach to the Study of Classroom Assessment Practices of Teachers in Secondary Schools in Kazakhstan

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