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Laila  Abdimanapova
NUGSE, MA Multilingual Education, 1st year cohort

Personally, I have improved my reading, writing and speaking skills and built new knowledge and abilities. I have turned into person who can think critically, manage and use time effectively, work in group, account for and reflect own actions and percieve herself as a leader. This is because every assignments, research, essays and classroom discussions encourage students to think deeply, sort pivotal information, analyze and syntheize, present own idea directly and concisely and give reasonable arguments. These activities provide opportunity for NUGSE students to acquire critical thinking skills, which are lacking in Kazakhstani education system, and apply them in reading, writing and speaking activities.
I highly appreciate all the opportunities provided for students by NUGSE. Students have chance to live in a dorm which is comfortable, top-quality and free; High amount of scholarship is enough to meet all students’ need; Library which is full with reach resources and convenient to study works until night. Also, various clubs such as dance, yoga and fitness are available for students to keep fit.  All these opportunities promote students to stay physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually healthy and wealthy. 

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