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Apart from doing research, the Research Institute plays an important role in establishing Nazarbayev University as a research university. Therefore, one of our responsibilities is to develop subject matter content for the Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum held annually at the university. 

The annual Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum held at Nazarbayev University is one of the major events in Eurasia. The NUGSE and the Research Institute, in particular, are one of the organisers of this international conference. The aim of the Forum is to attract outstanding experts in the field education, providing them with an opportunity to share their ideas and participate in active discussion of matters and challenges faced by leaders of higher education around the world. Conference proceedings are annually indexed in databases of Thomson Reuters Web of Science, ERIC and Google Scholar.   

As this open dialogue platform, established by the conference, has been evolving and developing throughout the recent years, it now attracts more than five hundred researchers, university senior managers, policymakers, students and other individual stakeholders interested in a discussion and promotion of higher education agenda. 

The theme of the Conference in 2014 was Successful Universities: What are they and how to build one? The following discussion subthemes were offered as part of the panel sessions: 
What does it mean to be a successful university? 
How to build a successful university: a new university or develop an existing university? 
Students’ perspectives on a successful university 
Faculty’s perspective on a successful university
Successful research universities
Experts and guests from more than 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, USA, Georgia and Indonesia participated in the conference. For more information and to find out about the upcoming Eurasian Forum please visit the website.

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