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The following programs will be offered in Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education (NUGSE) in 2017:


M.Sc. in Educational Leadership  

The M.Sc. in Educational Leadership is the largest program in NUGSE. In 2017 the program will have 3 areas of specialization:

               School Leadership  

               Higher Education 

               Inclusive Education 


The program length for all specializations is 2 years for module system combined with work. Students in all areas of specialization will follow a common core curriculum, comprising courses in Research Methods, Education Reform in Kazakhstan, and Leadership and Change Management and they will then take elective courses in their area of specialization, and will undertake an independent research project connected to their area of specialization. Graduates of the program will be expected to take leadership positions in educational organizations, spearheading educational reform at preschools, schools, higher education institutions and national policy-making organizations in Kazakhstan. 


"The preliminary schedule of modules"



Summer 1

8th-29th August 2016

Fall 1

17thOctober - 4th November 2016 

Spring 1

27th March - 7th April 2017

Summer 2

2nd-25th August 2017

Fall 2

23rd October - 10th November 2017

Spring 2

26th March – 13th April 2018 

Summer 3

11th - 22nd June 2018


For further details please click here 


M.A. in Multilingual Education 

The M.A. in Multilingual Education is a full-time 2-year program. It is designed for professionals who are or would like to be in positions where they are responsible for shaping, leading and implementing the trilingual policy or other forms of multilingual education. By the end of the program, graduates will have a thorough grasp of theories and policies related to multilingual education, and will be able to conduct research in this field. 


For further details on the M.A. Multilingual Education, please click here.  



Ph.D. in Education  

The Ph.D. program is a full-time 3-year program, which includes intensive coursework, a semester at one of the partner universities (university of Cambridge and University of Pennsylvania) and completion of a substantial piece of independent research, in the form of a Ph.D. dissertation. Graduates of the Ph.D. program will be expected to be key players in education reform and policy development in Kazakhstan.  



For further details on the Ph.D.  in Education, please click here .  



Tuition Fees

Monthly Stipend


Application Fees

M.A. in Multilingual Education

8 257 000



for non-residents of Astana

5 000 KZT

M.Sc. in Educational Leadership

8 257 000



not provided

5 000 KZT

Ph.D. in Education



for non-residents of Astana

5 000 KZT


* - as for 1 USD=330 KZT 

Inquiries about the programe and the application process can be directed to or to +7 (7172) 694953, +7 (7172) 709369.


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