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Ph.D. in Education  

The Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education Ph.D. is a full-time 4-year program, combining intensive coursework, a semester at one of the partner universities (University of Cambridge and University of Pennsylvania), and in-depth exploration of advanced research methodology to develop scholars and independent researchers in the field of Education.

Central to the NUGSE Ph.D. experience is the completion of a substantial piece of independent research, in the form of a Ph.D. dissertation.

Graduates of the Ph.D. program will be expected to be key players in education reform and policy development in Kazakhstan. 

"As educators, not only must we refuse to settle for easy consensus, to simplify, to neutralize, or to translate; we must also accept and assume the responsibility to ‘think, speak, and act’ within aporetic situations…. Most of all, we must engage students in a quest for knowledge which should take them way beyond the boundaries of their immediate socio-politico-cultural contexts in space and in time. We must encourage them to take risks in learning and discovering the other, the unknown, while building a greater sense of responsibility" .
                                                                                             DENISE EGÉA,
                                                                                             NUGSE Professor

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