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Question: What degree programs are available in the Graduate School of Education?

Answer: In NUGSE, in 2016, you can study for a M.Sc. in Educational Leadership (specializing in School Leadership, Higher Education, Inclusive Education), a M.A. in Multilingual Education, and a Ph.D. in Education.  

Question: How many students does the Graduate School of Education accept?Answer: In 2016, the Graduate School of Education will accept 90 students into its Master’s programs, and a small number of students onto its Ph.D. program. 

Question: How big is the class size?

Answer: This depends on the class. Some classes are up to 50 students, some classes are 20-25 students,and some classes are 7-10 students.

Question: Depending on the rigor of the program and the consistency of attendance, is it possible for students to continue working?

Answer: Students on the 1-year M.Sc. in Educational Leadership, the M.A. in Multilingual Education and the Ph.D. are expected to commit full-time to their studies. Students on the 2-year M.Sc. Educational Leadership (School Leadership) can continue working, but their schools must agree to allow them time off to attend the intensive blocks of study. 

Question: What is the tuition for attending the Graduate School of Education? Is there any financial aid?

Answer: At present, students enrolled in NUGSE programs receive full scholarships to cover the cost of tuition fees, and also receive a stipend. 

Question: Does the school provide accommodation to its students?

Answer: Yes. Full-time Master’s and Ph.D. students are provided with dormitory accommodation on campus. 

Question: Are all classes taught in English?

Answer: Yes, except for the Kazakh language class.

Question: Does the School have any study abroad arrangements with partner Universities?

Answer: In the M.Sc. Educational Leadership program, students do not study abroad, but the world comes to Kazakhstan! We have faculty from over 12 different countries, plus guest speakers from all over the world.  

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