Publish Date: 15-FEB-2017 01:56 PM

NUGSE has published a chapter in the book on internationalization of education

In January 2017 the new volume of “Internationalization in Higher Education” book series titled “Globalization of Internationalization: Emerging Voices and Perspectives” was published. This volume aimed to give voice to some of those emerging perspectives as an increasing range of countries engage in the process of internationalization. Hans de Wit, Jocelyne Gacei-Avila, Elspeth Jones and Nico Jooste are the editors of the current issue published by the Routledge. Contribution to the book was also made by the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education faculty and researchers (Parmenter L., Sparks J., Li A., Kerimkulova S., Ashirbekov A., Jumakulov Z.). In the chapter “Internationalizing the Curriculum in Kazakhstan: Perceptions, Rationales and Challenges” NUGSE researchers explored ways in which higher education institutions in Kazakhstan are responding to the imperative to internationalize their curricula. The chapter focuses on three questions: 1) How internationalization of curriculum is interpreted and defined in Kazakhstan’s higher education institutions? 2) What are the rationales for internationalization of curriculum? 3) What are the challenges encountered in internationalizing curricula?
Results represented in the chapter are part of the “Advancing Models of Best Practice in Internationalization of Higher Education in Kazakhstan” research project conducted by the NUGSE researchers in 2014-2016.

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