Publish Date: 12-OCT-2017 02:55 PM

Training program have started for future teachers

Training's for future teachers started in Taraz, organized by the Higher School of Education of Nazarbayev University, commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the program of training's conducted by local and foreign experts includes topics on inclusive education, development of critical thinking methods, multilingual education, management in education and other for importance areas of future teachers. Similar training's will be held within two and a half months in other universities of Kazakhstan, where conducted pedagogical specialities training's.
In the first two lectures were students,who undergraduates and teachers of M. Kh. Dulati Taraz State University. Expert, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Igor Tkachenko, told about development of a teacher’s research activities and the methodology of modern scientific work, using a concrete example and how conducted the study of strongly coupled Coulomb systems for physicist-students . One lecture by Igor Tkachenko was devoted for publications in scientific rating journals.
Totally Igor Tkachenko will hold 11 scientific lectures in M. Kh.Dulati Taraz State University. Expert also plans to discuss with the students and teachers about the scientific work of Kazakhstan candidates and undergraduates.

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