Publish Date: 31-MAY-2016 12:08 PM

The Nazarbayev University first time conducted the professional development courses for the leaders of the medical universities of Kazakhstan

The Nazarbayev University held a five day course for medical university leaders, organized by the order of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Twenty two participants participated at the program, which was developed and carried out by the experts of two University schools - Graduate School of Education and School of Medicine.
During the course, there was explored the issues which are important for the modern university management, in particular, on such topics: University management in the context of national policies and strategies, corporate governance, strategic planning and finance, academic management, activities focused on the creation of the integrated academic medical centers.
The first result of the course was the participants’ team presentations focused on the management improvement at the medical universities of Kazakhstan. Further, the course participants will be actively involved in the implementation of reforms at their universities.

During the course of training, the participants also got acquainted with the management features of the Nazarbayev University, talked with the scientists of the Center for Life Sciences, took part in a tour of the campus, visited the library, dormitories.

The participants, who gave a high evaluation of the course, recommended to hold similar seminars in Nazarbayev University on a permanent basis.

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