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The Graduate School of Education teaches to govern institutions of higher education

Graduate School of Education has launched Professional Development Program for Advisory Board members of universities in Kazakhstan. More than 40 members of Advisory Boards, consisting of businessmen, representatives of academia and state bodies study how to govern higher educational institutions effectively and democratically.

Members of Advisory Boards at the session
October 15, 2014

Highly qualified, experienced and competent people were elected as members of Advisory Boards. For example, Advisory Board of the E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University includes Victor Rogalev, Deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Advisory Board of Atyrau Institute of oil and gas includes Magauiya Cherdabayev, General Director of LLP “EmbavedOil”, and Myrzabek Kuangaliyev, General Director of LLP “KaspiMunaiGas”. People with experience of holding leading positions no less than 5 years, with membership in non-governmental organizations can be elected as members of Advisory Boards; in addition, they are expected to meet certain requirements.
Advisory Boards are the new structures made for involving non-governmental institutions into governing of education. At the moment advisory boards were established only in ten universities of the country. They play an important role in providing supervision and control over the work of the higher educational institutions, responsibility for their strategy and development programs, allocating budget and other important issues. International practice shows that Advisory Board is one of the elements of corporate governance system, and Advisory Boards proved themselves to be effective in the best universities of the world ranked as top ones in the prestigious ratings.

Matthew Hartley, Professor of University of Pennsylvania, presented on “Effective work of Board of Trustees”. Aida Sagintayeva, Chief Executive Director of the Graduate School of Education, presented on “Collegial Governance: Experience of Kazakhstan”. 

The program was developed in the accordance with best international practice using case-study methods, work in groups, discussions and tutorials. During the course participants will exchange ideas, and share their knowledge of being Advisory Board member of local university, study the experience of USA and Great Britain. In order to guarantee that the results of the program participation will be effective, after completion of the course each participant will develop action plan in accordance with the strategic plan of their university. Assessment of the results of the program will be made on the basis of the monitoring of implementation of their action plans.    
The following people were invited as lectors: representatives of Leadership Foundation for Higher Education in United Kingdom, acting chairmen of Board of Trustees and members of Managing Councils of the universities in United Kingdom: David Loсk, Director of International Projects, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, Professor John Davies, International Counsellor, Director of the Program for rectors program in several countries, Robert Zemsky, Professor of the University of Pennsylvania, Chair, the Learning Alliance for Higher Education USA and other international experts . 

Rector Askar Myrzakhmetov is sharing his ideas about the work of Advisory Board in A. Baitursynov Kostanai State University 

This program is developed by the Graduate School of Education partnership with Leadership Foundation for Higher Education in UK. It is considered to be one of the most important projects for further development of higher education system of Kazakhstan striving to  meet new economic and political realities.

The project of Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education for higher education leaders is planned for three years, and it is expected that 300 university leaders of all levels will study in professional development program within these three years. 

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