Publish Date: 23-APR-2016 10:00 AM

NU Graduate School of Education and NU Library organised a workshop on scientific research

A workshop on organising scientific research projects and preparing research publications took place on 22 April. It targeted academic staff members, young scientists, master's and PhD students and staff members of Nazarbayev University library. The workshop was organised by professors at the Graduate School of Education and staff members of NU library, they also acted as speakers. As outlined by Duishon Shamatov, one of the event organisers, the workshop aimed to involve master's and PhD students into scientific research work, assist young researchers to learn about research projects of their colleagues from other university divisions and probably encourage new joint projects. 
Duishon Shamatov, Associate Professor, and Assel Kambatyrova, Junior Researcher at NUGSE, had given a presentation on research methods and shared their experiences. Together with her colleagues from the University of Cambridge Assel has been conducting research on secondary education in Kazakhstan.

Kati Spyers and Madina Kairatbekkyzy of NU Library had told about resources of the library. Presentations were followed by a discussion moderated by Anna Coen Miller and Daniel Torrano. 

The workshop participants have appraised highly the initiative of two university divisions and expressed their willing to support new similar workshops with participation of staff members of other NU divisions.
Workshop themes:
Duishon Shamatov, Assel kambatyrova: Conducting Research in International Academia: Quality Research for Quality Publications.
Katie Spyers, Madina Kairatbekkyzy: Support for Research: Library Resources and Services
Daniel Torrano, Katie Spyers: Scholarly Publications in International Academia: Beyond the "Publish or Perish" Discourse
Anna Coen Miller, Daniel Torrano: Sharing experiences: Panel discussion about preparing research for publication.

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