Publish Date: 09-JAN-2015 10:30 AM

Ministry of education and Science employees have received certificates for completing the Professional development course

On 9 December 2014, 40 employees of the Ministry of education and science were presented certificates for the participation in the professional development programme, developed by Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education in conjunction with the Leadership Foundation for higher Education. 

Executive secretary of the Ministry of education and science Aliya Galimova, Director of International projects of LFHE David Lock, Programme Director, Consultant of LF David Hawker, Chief Executive Director of NUGSE Aida Sagintayeva and programme graduates-ministerial officers took part at the certificate-giving ceremony. 

«It has been an honour and a professionally exhilarating experience  to work with NUGSE and the MOES participants on this programme. The participants made a very positive impression in London and many of the UK speakers and contributors on the programme have volunteered to continue to work with them in bringing about their reforms. The news that the recommendations of the theme groups are to be developed further and evaluate for possible inclusion in the State Programme of Education Development is significant recognition of the value of the programme and the work of all the participants and I wish them well in developing and implementing their reforms», says David Lock.

Strategic planning and management development programme has been developed and delivered according the task order of the Ministry of education and science Aslan Sarinzhipov

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