Publish Date: 20-AUG-2014 11:30 AM

First-year master students are introduced with the University

An orientation day for the first-year master students was held at the Graduate School of Education. 66 Master students of graduate programs, "Master of Arts in Multilingual Education" and "Master of Science in Educational Leadership" attended this wonderful event.
  First-year master students’ meeting with the university began with warm welcome speech of the Dean of the Graduate School of Education Timothy Reagan. Professor Reagan emphasized that the Graduate School of Education strives to become a world-class School and its graduates will work successfully in the field of education, conduct research to improve the education system in Kazakhstan. 
  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Lynne Parmenter introduced the graduates with the strategy and vision of Nazarbayev University and presented the mission and policies of the Graduate School of Education, as well as the system and the evaluation criteria. 
  Also on this day first-year Master students met with the professional and experienced faculty of the School, the staff of the Department of Student Affairs, Career and Advising Centre and the Office of the Registrar. They answered Master students’ questions about their activities. In addition, the library tour was organized for the new comers with advice on the use of library services and access to print and electronic library resources. Graduates were also presented and explained with the curriculum, schedule, work of the Student committee and received useful advice on living on campus. 
  At the moment Master students are expected to choose elective courses and begin their saturated and intensive studies.

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