Publish Date: 01-OCT-2015 03:28 PM

Experts Mathew Hartley and Peter Eckel tell about governing an autonomous university

In the framework of activities of the Nazarbayev University experience translation, Graduate School of Education held a series of training workshops on the topic of academic governance of an autonomous university. Members and secretaries of the Supervisory Boards of Kazakh universities, employees of the Department of higher and postgraduate education and international cooperation, the Center of Bologna process and academic mobility of the MoES have participated in the workshop. The workshop was also organized for the management and administrative staff of the Nazarbayev University.
Studying governance issues in higher education institutions, the participants gained a broad understanding of the significance of systemic, institutional and personal aspects of the development and effective functioning of the autonomous university. At the workshop, overview of US higher education system was provided, and the role of autonomous university head, principles of controlling an autonomous university - the role of Boards of Trustees and accreditation system in the United States have been considered.
The lecturers of the workshop were qualified experts - Professor Matthew Hartley and Peter Eckel of the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

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