Publish Date: 24-NOV-2015 04:19 PM

Educators from Graduate School of Education share their experiences with the Kyrgyz colleagues

From October 9 to 14, 2015 a delegation from Graduate School of Education of Nazarbayev University (NUGSE) visited Kyrgyzstan on a business trip to visit universities and meet education officials, professors and students.  The NUGSE delegation visited Kyrgyz-Turkish University Manas, Kyrgyz State University after Arabaev, University of Central Asia, Naryn State University and Osh State University.
The delegation included Aida Sagintayeva, chief executive, assistant professors Duishon Shamatov and Jason Sparks, Kairat Kurakbayev the director of Research Institute and Murat Orunkhanov, senior research fellow at the Research Institute within NUGSE.  All delegation members are specialists in education, are actively engaged in education reforms and research in Kazakhstan.  In particular, Aida Sagintayeva and Murat Orunkhanov actively participated in the implementation of three level European system of education and PhD program, realization of Bologna processes, development of Road Map of education and science development in Kazakhstan.  
The Kazakhstani educators met their colleagues from Kyrgyzstan to share their experiences in the field of education reforms and scientific fields, and discussed pedagogical education.  

The meetings were very productive especially in Osh town.  GSE professors conducted presentations at Osh State University to over 250 professors on reforms of higher education system in Kazakhstan, quality of teaching and research at universities according to international standards.  
Learning about the visit of the Kazakhstani educators, two more universities in Osh expressed their interest and welcomed the delegation members: Osh Social University and Osh Technological University.  In addition, GSE professors conducted a seminar in Osh for directors of town schools and pre-school institutions on “Role of school administrators in establishing healthy and successful climate at schools and in developing staff members’ collegial relations”.

It is also worth mentioning that one of the NUGSE professors – Duishon Shamatov is a graduate of Osh State University.  In his Alma-mater, he was awarded a medal “Honorary Worker of the Osh State University” and also the “Honorary Graduate” of Foreign Language Department of OshSU.

Aida Sagintayeva, chief executive director of NUGSE summarized the results of the visit, “Graduate School of Education is becoming internationally recognized by participating with our foreign partners in conducting joint research, joint publishing and participating in international conferences.  NUGSE is also working closely collaborating with institutions in neighboring countries.  This moment we discussed with our Kyrgyz colleagues about interesting partnerships, joint education and research projects.  We agreed that scholars from Kyrgyzstan will participate at annual forum of Higher Education Leaders at Nazarbayev University. We also discussed involving university instructors of Kyrgyzstan in professional development courses held at NUGSE”.  

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