Publish Date: 22-SEP-2016 04:08 PM

An Associate professor Tsediso Makoelle’s work «Inclusive teaching in South Africa» has been published

An Associate professor of the Graduate School of Education Tsediso Makoelle’s work «Inclusive teaching in South Africa» has been published. The Professor Makoelle’s book presents the practice of inclusive education of children with disabilities. The main point of this study is an ideology that excludes any discrimination against children despite of their physical ability or social status.

Thorough knowledge of the topic enables Professor Makoelle successfully teach the Master students of the program M.Sc. in Educational Leadership: Inclusive Education. Students learn the theory of inclusive education, the prospects of inclusive education policy and the psychology of teaching students with special educational needs. Examination of key models and prospects of inclusive education on a global scale will enable future professionals to contribute to the formation of the Kazakh model of inclusive education.

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