Publish Date: 18-APR-2016 09:22 AM

Present.Me, Present.You, Present.Why?

The 3rd Annual NU Instructional Showcase called «Present.Me, Present.You, Present. Why» was held by the presenters Deborah Brown and Alfred Burns on 14 April 2016.
The aim of the session was to introduce a non-threatening, versatile and relatively low-tech tool that can enhance the teaching and learning process for those professors who are new to working online with students. Also, listeners found out some of other many ways in which they can use the handy tool while working with their students online and how they, in turn, can use it in professional life.
Deborah and Alfred presented a a number of advantages of the tool such as, for example, creating a «face-to-face» experience by using technology. Distance students can apply technology tools by cascading to others, the quality of work produced through technology can be also very high. tool is available to NU faculty students for free.

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