Publish Date: 29-SEP-2015 02:18 PM

How to build an effective model of the Supervisory Board at the University?

How to build an effective model of the Supervisory Board at the University? This was one of questions, addressed at the workshop, conducted by the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education for M.Kh. Dulati Taraz State University Supervisory Board members within the translation of experience activities.
Workshop topics covered the principles of creating and functioning of the Supervisory Board – university governance structures, which are new for Kazakhstani universities. The workshop was conducted by Professor Matthew Hartley, Associate dean of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and the doctor Peter Ekkel, vice-president of the Association of Governing boards of universities and colleges of the USA. 
The lecturers elaborated on the existing global experience of similar structures, in particular, of American universities, many of which are considered to be the best in the world. Professor Hartley also presented the results of research on Supervisory Boards of Kazakh universities. In the course of the joint research project of Nazarbayev University and the University of Pennsylvania "Development of best practice models of academic governance and management in higher education institutions of Kazakhstan" activities of 25 Supervisory Boards of Kazakh universities have been analyzed.

According to members of the Supervisory Board of M.Kh.Dulati Taraz State University, many of whom are influential people in business, but do not have a deep knowledge of the academic environment, the workshop was especially useful for them. By the way speaking, during the seminar there were new ideas for further implementation of the strategic plan of the university, and even proposals for funding by the business representatives.

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