Publish Date: 15-JUL-2015 01:29 PM

Dr. Aliya Kuzhabekova and Ainur Almukhambetova (PhD student) from the GSE won a research grant

A group of young researchers from Nazarbayev University - Dr. Aliya Kuzhabekova and Ainur Almukhambetova from the Graduate School of Education and Dr. Saltanat Janenova from the Graduate School of Public Policy - have been awarded a research grant by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs in the amount of 100,000 NOK (NUPI) ( 82 university teams from Central Asia and Caucasus region took part in this competition and only 10 teams have been finally selected including two teams from Kazakhstan: NU and KIMEP.
The topic of their research project is "Female Leadership in the Civil Service of Kazakhstan, including Education Sector". 

The aim of this one-year project is to analyse experiences of females holding leadership positions in female and male-dominated areas of the Kazakhstani civil service, to investigate how they address work-life balance and address challenges in career development, and develop policy recommendations for improvement of gender equality policies in Kazakhstan. 

The research team participated in a five-day workshop at NUPI during 15-20 June 2015 presenting the research design, along with other university teams, and attended training sessions on policy communication, elite interviewing, focus group, international publishing. 

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