Publish Date: 02-DEC-2014 10:34 AM

Round table on Blended Learning was held by Elaine Wilson, Professor of the University of Cambridge

Round-table seminar on the theme of blended learning was held in the Graduate School of Education on 24th November, 2014. In accordance with concept, a student can gain knowledge personally from online sources and through on-site training with an instructor. Therefore, this type of learning can supplement more traditional lecture methods. This approach to learning allows students to decide on their own learning path, manage one's own time, choose pace and own ways of studying. The workshop was led by Professor Elaine Wilson from the Faculty of Education of the University of Cambridge. Having a great experience of organizing the educational process based on blended learning, Professor Wilson shared methodological expertise and practical advice on the application of this pedagogical innovation in Kazakhstani schools and universities. Elaine presented her ideas to the participants about the effectiveness of e-learning from the perspective of social aspects of general education.  

According to Professor Wilson, "The current growing global trend to use digital technology has three potential positive effects. Using detail technology can increase access and flexibility for students beyond the conventional classroom; new digital tools can enhance teaching and learning and finally if used carefully digital technology can increase the productivity of both Faculty staff and students. However there is emerging evidence digital technology such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) and  eBooks ought to be used carefully, Indeed MOOCS are linked to low completion rates in Higher education and there is research which suggests that reading eBooks limits deep understanding. Finally it is advisable for the Faculty staff to operate a ‘lids down’ rule when explaining complex ideas because laptop users are tempted to task switch and use social media in lectures which is a big distraction’.  

People often forget about the importance of integration of human communication between teacher and student and maintenance of balance between "face to face " communication with communication through computers." Elaine has set up a supporting Google site has set up a googlesite  on the subject of modern Pedagogical Innovation, which was designed on her initiative specifically for faculty and students of the Graduate School of Education at Nazarbayev University. The idea of creating this site is to promote closer cooperation between teachers and students of the Graduate School of Education and their colleagues from the University of Cambridge.

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