Publish Date: 01-APR-2016 03:50 PM

Сontribution of NU GSE graduates in Kazakhstani educational research

 "Leadership in education" workshop was conducted in Karaganda with the participation of two GSE NU graduates, Kamshat Aсan  and Almira Yembergenova. It was the third workshop conducted by vice principals of Nazarbayev intellectual school in Karaganda organized for principals of 30 mainstream schools of Karaganda region. These schools are pilot ones to introduce the NIS experience.It was the first experience of Kamshat, English teacher and Almira, language coordinator of Karaganda NIS, taking part in organization of such event.

The workshop was devoted to Lesson study and Action Research. However, the main idea of it was to inspire principals to create conditions to support teachers in doing research at their schools.The workshop included theoretical and practical parts. The principals were introduced to the stages of Lesson study and Action Research. They had a practice of Lesson observation and analysed both strengths and fields for improvement of the lesson and teaching strategies.The next step was developing the research questions from the fields of improvement. This stage was the most difficult for workshop participants as they needed to produce definable, measurable and doable research questions. Later they planned the timelines for their Action research following the model of some NIS Action research projects.

The last, the most important stage of the workshop was to reflect on what challenges school staff can meet in implementation of Lesson study and Action research. Principals were offered to think if their teachers are ready for conducting it and how principals can support teachers, what they could offer school staff to help them overcome the barriers in realizing research.

The trainers of the workshop tried to enable principals to realize that conducting the research could help teachers sound their problems, empower teachers to break the silence. Another goal of trainers was to highlight principals' role as school leaders to support and create the conditions for teachers and to be a part of the research team at school.

With the support of vice principals of Karaganda NIS Kamshat and Almira realized their dream of sharing the knowledge and experience they received from the professors of NU GSE. Even if it is a little step in improving situation with Kazakhstani educational research, it is already the important contribution of NU GSE graduates.

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