Publish Date: 01-SEP-2015 05:01 PM

Congratulations to the new students with the entry into student life!

The Graduate School of Education held an orientation day for Master's and Ph.D. program students. 71 students have started their classes today, most of them are graduates of regional universities.

Nazarbayev University President Shigeo Katsu and Provost for Academic Affairs Loretta O’Donnell came to congratulate Master and Ph.D. students. Welcoming the students, Shigeo Katsu said: "The country will develop only when all of its cities and regions have an equally high level of education. I hope that after the successful completion of the programme, you will go to all regions of Kazakhstan and be the ambassadors of Nazarbayev University by applying the acquired knowledge in different educational institutions of the country".

Loretta O'Donnel noted that the students enrolled in this school are very lucky, because it has really strong faculty members and researchers from different countries. So, in her address to students: "if you want to change the world, you have to change yourself. You must be prepared to change the way you think, be open to new knowledge and become real leaders. Being a leader means to bring out the best in people. You have to think what you can bring to your city and your region." 

Also new Master and Ph.D. students were welcomed by the professors of the school. They introduced themselves and shared with them their research interests and experience. Lynne Parmenter, the Interim Vice Dean for Academic Affairs of the Graduate School of Education explained the educational process  and spoke about academic programs and research projects.
Then the representatives of the Department of Student Affairs, Office of the Registrar and the Career and Advising Center gave their presentations and answered students' questions. First-year students also got acquainted with the University Library where they would now have to spend most of their time.

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