Publish Date: 08-OCT-2013 04:45 PM

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education hosts a series of guest lectures by leaders in the educational sphere.

Graduate School of Education hosts lectures by guest experts in the framework of Master’s and Doctoral program. A series of lectures on education was begun on September 13, 2013 with the lecture of Vice-Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Murat Orunkhanov, on the topic of the State Program of Education. During the second guest lecture, held on 4th of October, the Chairman of the Committee for Control in Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Irsaliev discussed in detail the topic of quality of education. In his presentation, "The Conquest of the Heights of the "Society of Knowledge" - the Practice of Establishing a National System of Evaluation and Monitoring the Quality of Education in the Context of Global Trends" he showed the key role of education in the development of human capital, and highlighted the fact that the basis of the quality of education is in a well-established control and coordination system.

The following guest lectures will be devoted to the problems of pre-school and vocational education, the creation of world-class technological parks, features of the "Bolashak" program and other topics. They will also be delivered by recognized experts, leaders, and educational sphere executives.


Lecture of Serik Irsaliyev

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