Lynne Parmenter, Full Professor

Lynne Parmenter, Full Professor
Lynne Parmenter is a Professor at GSE. She obtained her PhD from the University of Durham (UK), writing her thesis on the impact of internationalization policy in junior high schools in Japan. Before joining GSE in February 2013, she taught at schools and universities in Japan and the UK for 20 years. Her research interests focus mainly on global citizenship education and internationalization of education, but also include language and intercultural education. 

EDUC 740 Doctoral Seminar

Byram, M., & Parmenter, L. (Eds) (2012). The Common European Framework of Reference: The Globalisation of Language Education Policy. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. 

Book chapters
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Refereed journal articles
Prowse, A., Aldred, S., & Parmenter, L. (under review). Building academic staff capacity to internationalise curricula in a large metropolitan university: a case study of a staff development initiative. Under review for the International Journal of Academic Development. 
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Other articles/papers/conference proceedings
Parmenter, L. (2001). The Glocal Community: Educating foreign children in Fukushima’s schools. Fukushima Daigaku Chiiki Kenkyuu, 12(3), 3-18.
Parmenter, L., & Tomita, Y. (2000). English language education and internationalization. AILA ’99 CD-ROM.
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Other educational publications
Leonard, T., & Parmenter, L. (2010) British Traditions. Tokyo: Macmillan Language House (English/cultural studies textbook for EFL university students). 
Parmenter, L., & Tomita, Y. (April 2000-March 2001). Perspectives on Japanese foreign language education. Monthly series in Eigo Kyouiku [National English teachers’ journal] [in Japanese]. 

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