Carole Faucher, Full Professor

Carole Faucher, Full Professor
Carole Faucher is Full Professor with the GSE.  She obtained her PhD in Sociology from the National University Singapore and her MSc in Anthropology from the Université de Montréal.She has held faculty positions at the University of Tsukuba, the Mahidol International University College and the National University of Singapore and has been visiting fellow at various institutions, including the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies and the City University of Hong Kong. She has published extensively on educational issues and identity processes in Southeast Asia.  She is now focusing her research on Central Asia.  Her areas of interest include sociology and anthropology of education, self-identification and belonging, ethnicity, collective memory and the teaching of history in secondary education.

EDUC 740 Doctoral Seminar

Selected Publication
Faucher, C. “Identity Construction and Regional Divides in Tajikistan: Framing the Other through Narratives of Schooling” (forthcoming) in DeYoung, A. Ashraft, D, Tajik, M.  Contested Terrain: Twenty-first Century Fight over Purposes and Polices of Schooling in the Mountains of Pakistan Afghanistan and Tajikistan, Lexington Books. 

Faucher, C. “Civil Society Organizations Response to China’s Growing Presence in Lao PDR and Cambodia” in Comparative Analysis of Chinese Development Aid from the Recipients’ Perspective,  Shuto, M., Saavedra, N., Augustin-Jean, L. (eds), Report for the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science , Tsukuba, Japan, 2012.
Faucher, C. “Capturing Otherness:  Self-identity and Feelings of Non-Belonging among Educated Burmese in Thailand” in Politics and Identity: Negotiating Power and Space in Asia, Faucher, C. and Gomez, J., (eds) Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies, 28 (2) 2010: 54-81.
Faucher, C. “Contesting Boundaries in the Riau Archipelago” pp. 443-458, Renegotiating Boundaries: Local Politics in Post-Soehartro Indonesia, Nordholt, S.H., Van Klinken G. (eds). KITLV, Leiden, 2007. 
Faucher. C. Popular Discourse on Identity Politics and Decentralisation in Tanjung Pinang Public Schools, Asia Pacific View Point, Vol. 47, No.2, August 2006: pp. 273-285.
Erb, M., Sulistiyanto, P. and Faucher, C. (eds), Regionalism in Post-Suharto Indonesia, RoutledgeCurzon, London, 2005.
Faucher, C. “Challenging ethnicity: Self-identification and Malayness in the Riau Archipelago” in  The Geopolitics of Globalization : Boundaries, Territories and Spatial Issues, Ravi, S., Redonnet, P., ed. Special Issue, Frontières, Université de la Sorbonne, 2004: pp 86-106.
Faucher, C. “As The Wind Blows And Dews Came Down: Ghost Stories and Collective Memory in Singapore”, pp.190-203, Beyond Description, Bishop, R., Phillips, J., Yeo, W.W.(eds), Series Architext, Routledge, London, 2004.  

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