Bridget Goodman, Assistant Professor

Bridget Goodman, Assistant Professor

Bridget Goodman is an Assistant Professor of Multilingual Education at GSE. Dr. Goodman obtained her M.S.Ed. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and her Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States.  Her dissertation was an ethnographic case study of a university in Ukraine which was using English as a medium of instruction. Her research and teaching interests include: multilingual language education, language policy and planning, sociolinguistics, and ethnographic research methods.


EDUC 606 Application of CLIL in Teaching

EDUC 632 Foundations of Multilingual Education

EDUC 634 Multilingual Society

EDUC 640 Thesis Seminar

Selected publications

  • Goodman, B. (accepted). Acts of negotiation:  Governmentality and medium-of-instruction policy in an eastern Ukrainian university. Anthropology and Education Quarterly.
  • Goodman, B. (2017).  The ecology of language and translanguaging in a Ukrainian university.  In C. Mazak & K. Carroll (Eds.), Translanguaging practices in higher education: Beyond monolingual ideologies (pp. 50-69).  Bristol, UK:  Multilingual Matters.
  • Goodman, B. (2014).  Implementing English as a Medium ofInstruction in a Ukrainian university: Challenges, adjustments, and opportunities. International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, 9(2), 130-141.
  • Tarnopolsky, O. and Goodman, B. (2014). The ecology of language in classrooms at a university in Ukraine. Language and Education, 28(4),383-396. doi: 10.1080/09500782.2014.890215

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