• Partners' Meeting, June 2013

  • Kairat Kurakbayev and DarkhanBilyalov, GSE staff members

  • GSE staff members

  • Partners' Meeting, June 2013

  • Orientation Day for Master students

  • Partners' Meeting, June 2013

  • Ceremony of signing the Memorandum on partnership (from left to right: Coleen McLaughlin, Shigeo Katsu, Robert Zemsky)

  • David Bridges, University of Cambridge, Member of NU GSE working group

  • Robert Zemsky, University of Pennsylvania

  • Coleen McLaughlin, University of Cambridge

The Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education (NUGSE) welcomed its first Master’s and doctoral students in August 2013. The NUGSE is dedicated to becoming a world-class center for teaching and research on education, with a focus on educational reform in Kazakhstan, Central Asia. It seeks to educate individuals who will be leaders in research, policy, management and continued professional development and teaching.  In the M.Sc. Educational Leadership program, specializations in School Leadership, Higher Education, Inclusive Education and Preschool Education are currently offered. A M.A. Multilingual Education is also offered in GSE that covers theories, policies and practices of multilingual education is also offered at the moment. The Ph.D. program seeks to provide students with the expert knowledge and skills they need to be at the forefront of education research, reform and development in Kazakhstan. Working with our partner institutions, the University of Cambridge and the University of Pennsylvania, faculty and staff of NUGSE work together in a community that represents education as a lifelong journey and as a rigorous academic discipline. 



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